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Google Analytics Course

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This half day course and interactive workshop is aimed at people want to better understand their Google Analytics and use the information to help them market their business online more effectively.

Many people who have access to their Google Analytics account merely scratch the surface in terms of the reports available, let alone use the information to influence their marketing activities.

We will show delegates how to interpret many of the reports on Google Analytics and drill down into the key areas that can help you gauge the success of your Internet Marketing Activities and use the information to refine your approach.

We will explain the basic steps to improve the conversion rates on your Website. Essentially this means that instead of simply trying to get more and more traffic to your Website, you try to convert more of the visitors you already have into customers.

An important focus of the course will be using Google Analytics to analyse exactly what people are doing on your Website and compare various metrics to get very useful information that will inform you as to what you need to do to get more from your Website visitors and where to focus your marketing activities.

1. What are Web statistics and what you can discover from them
2. How to access Google Analytics for your Website and navigate the Website
3. Key statistics to look for and what they mean about your Website
4. How to explore all of the key areas on Google Analytics
5. How to use Google Analytics to compare performance over time

6. How to improve the performance of your Website to serve customers better

7. How to improve your Website to increase conversion rates (the percentage of people who buy something or contact you for example)

8. Use Google Analytics to work out exactly where people go on your Website

9. How to set up Goals in Google Analytics

10. How to use Google Analytics to inform you which marketing activities are bringing results, in terms of customers not just visits

We recommend that you either bring a laptop to the course or use one of ours. We only have 5 laptops available and so you will need to contact us to book this in advance.

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